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in Which States are Hedgehogs Illegal?

Make sure before acquiring a hedgehog that they are legal where you live. It is illegal to possess a hedgehog in California, Georgia, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. They are legal in the state of New York but illegal in all five boroughs of New York City. There are also some local ordinances that make it illegal to own exotic animals.

Do Hedgehogs Require Special Accommodations?

Hedgehogs are very unique critters and do require certain accommodations that are atypical.

  • Hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures and typically do not like to be awake during daylight hours except for a quick snack. 

  • Hedgehogs are exotic animal that originated from much warmer climates. They require temperatures ranging from 74-80 degrees depending on your area. 

  • Unlike many other species, hedgehogs are solitary and do best on their own. In other words buying pairs is never recommended. They are perfectly satisfied with their humans.

Visit our Cage section for more information on housing and temperature requirements!

What do Hedgehogs Eat?

There is much debate as to what constitutes proper hedgehog nutrition. But there are certain things that most people agree on. First, unless there is a medical reason to feed something else, your hedgehog should eat a diet low in fat, low in iron, and moderately high in protein. And remember, while babies are growing fast and may need more calories, an adult hedgehog’s needs are different. Adult cat food mixes are generally preferred, mix that with some basic insects (purchased only at pet stores) and your hedgie will be satisfied. Be sure to check out our Nutrition page for more information!


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There is a lot of information and books available on hedgehog ownership, but some do NOT give good information. The ones listed below should be considered reliable and factual.


Hedgehog Welfare Society emphasizes education, rescue, and rehab/rehome. An online store is provided, there is a veterinarian list spanning the US and Canada, adoption and relinquishment forms and much more.


A site made up of many of the IHA and HWS members, lots of information on the care of hedgehog as well as live chats where you can ask questions and get an immediate answer from knowledgeable people. But beware the forums!


Millermeade has been breeding and caring for hedgehogs for a very long time and Gail has amassed a huge database of information.  She is a wonderful person who cares deeply for her animals and her dedication to developing hedgehog resources is amazing.